Pro Bono

Pro Bono is an important activity area of the company “Arthur Reznik and Partners”. 
The term itself derives from the Latin phrase “Pro Bono public” which means “for the public good”. In the jurisprudence, this is free legal service for those who need it, but is unable to pay for it.

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Pro Bono practice

Work period of the company with Pro Bono project: since 2015.
Support in the civil, labor and administrative law.

Pro Bono services:

•  Advice
• Document preparation
• Evidence gathering
• Litigation

Pro Bono members:

• Private individuals
• Charitable funds
• Non-profit organizations

How to become a participant of Pro Bono

1.To apply in written or electronic form. It is necessary to specify: first and last name, actual place of residence, feedback means.
2.To document the need to participate in the program
3.To provide the necessary documents for the initial analysis, risk-assessment basis and prospects.

Your application will be considered within 2 weeks.  In case of refusal to participate in the program, the law firm reserves the right not to give any explanations. 

The company guarantees the confidentiality in relation to the provided documents and persons who have applied for an advice.


Pro Bono practice:

Illegal dismissal of a disabled person of group 2

Professionalism of the lawyers “Arthur Reznik and Partners” was proved in the case of illegal dismissal


Professionalism of the lawyers “Arthur Reznik and Partners” was proved in the case of a private individual illegal dismissal, disabled person of group 2.  Zelenskiy M.I. was fired from the utility company, because he refused to execute a company’s management illegal order. 

Due to the carefully thought-out strategy, the Court of Appeal in Kyiv reversed a first instance court judgement of nonsuit, and sustained a claim prepared by lawyers. He was reinstated in position and the enterprise payed funds amounting the average salary during his forced unemployment. 

As a gesture of gratitude, Zelenskiy M.I. presented his own embroidered picture to the company “Arthur Reznik and Partners”. It should be noted, that Zelenskiy is also the needlework master and has won different handwork contests more than once.