What we do

Real estate

All the acts related to the real property, from the simple to the most complicated one, demand most of your attention and a comprehensive legal support. 
Real estate issues are not only about serious money, but also they can disturb your evenness, the quiet life of your family and your company. 
Only mandatory property history analysis (general owner check, information on construction etc.), careful document preparation, awareness of changes in legislation and existing procedures can guarantee the successful deal without risks and losses. We provide the most effective way of dealing with them.

Services we provide:

  • Legal support in the real estate title registration process.
  • Due diligence of the acquired property including check of the title realty documentation, existing encumbrance, document adaptation in compliance with the legislation requirements.
  • Litigation in the property rights disputes.
  • Protection of your rights and interests protection as a real estate owners.
  • Reclamation of property from another’s adverse possession.
  • Proprietary rights registration and declaration on the real estate through the courts decisions.
  • Support in the pledged property  redemption, encumbrance relief. 
  • Enforcement of mortgages.