What we do

Tax law

Tax situation

Disadvantages of the tax law provisions, their conflicts and control procedures diversity used by the taxing authorities – this is the common cause of unreasonable attempts to bring taxpayers to justice and thus to the tax disputes.


Productive tax planning guarantee and risk minimization of bringing one to justice are following:

  1. Competent tax planning organization.
  2. External and internal control of compliance with the rules of law.

We are providing:

  1. Optimal tax strategy development, which leads to a tax burden reduction and financial loss minimization.
  2.  Resultative disputes if the only way to restore violated rules or your interests is a judicial appeal against actions or decisions of tax authorities. 

Services we provide:

  • Tax planning in a company establishment.
  • Advice on tax structuring and optimization.
  • Risk analysis, identification and prevention in the financial and economic process.
  • Pre-check of the financial and economic activities (taxing due diligence).
  • Tax audit support at all stages.
  • Judicial appeal against the individual acts (tax notices – solutions) of the State Fiscal Service administratively and in the courts.
  • Judicial appeal against custom authority decisions.
  • Representation in criminal cases of evaded taxes.