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The lawyers of “Arthur Reznik and Partners” attended the 2nd UBA Forum on Insolvency Law.

The 2nd UBA Forum on Insolvency Law was held on November 18, 2016, and was organized by the UBA. This Forum was intended to discuss issues related to the creditor’s rights in bankruptcy, action proceedings through the bankruptcy, pre-juridical recovery and survival. 

Furthermore, attention was given to the execution sale at a public auction.  In particular, such questions were highlighted as litigations on recognition the falsity of the auction results, and monitoring insolvency officer activities during execution sale. 

Among other speakers who took part in the Forum, one could find judges of the Higher Economic Court of Ukraine, and representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, in particular, director of Management Department for judicial work and bankruptcy affairs of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. 

Shlapak Sergey participated on behalf of the legal company “Arthur Reznik and Partners”