About us

We are all living in a dynamic and ever-changing world. Every day we are getting into absolutely different situations and life sets us new goals and objectives every minute. It teaches us always to be ready to face the most unexpected turns. 
High-speed response, right strategy and clear understanding of all processes are important under such conditions. These particular challenging, crisis situations in business and life are the main activity areas of the legal company “Arthur Reznik and Partners”. 

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Why you should choose our company?

  1. Our specialists have over 10 years of successful legal experience, which allows us to solve the most difficult challenges. 
  2. Due to the proficiency in different law branches and correctly built relations of trust with clients we do successful business with national and foreign companies, public authorities, international organizations and financial institutions within Ukraine and abroad. 
  3. An individual approach to each case and broad understanding of legal realities produce the desired result. 
  4. Guaranteed privacy, professional manners and high quality of the provided services are “must haves” in our work.
  5. Devotion, total involvement and dedication to the working process make us the team of like-minded professionals, which put their faith in themselves and trust in success of every Client.

Our principles and values

• Commitment to result.
• Maximum efficiency.
• Privacy, fairness and transparency.
• High professional standards.
• Partnership and unity of purposes.
• The most effective practices and solutions.

Our history in figures

• Over 10 years of professional experience.
• 9 specialists, 6 attorneys-at-law, 2 insolvency officers.
• Over 500 clients and most of them are working with us on regular basis.
• 95% court victories.
• Over 100 tax disputes resolved in favor of our clients
• Over 10 000 sq.m. of returned property to the legitimate owners.
• Over 125 000 000 UAH restructuring debt relationships..



Values are the clear run vector and strategic thrust for each lawyer of the company “Arthur Reznik and Partners”.  

These reference points give possibility…

Client is above all

Client should feel certain of us and receive always the highest legal service level.

Client is above all. That is why we give the best of ourselves…